December 9, 2014

About Blaming

When I was browsing around the internet, got nothing to do, my boyfriend is on his military training in the jungle (with poor mobile phone signal, and limited charging station), suddenly I thought about blaming each other. I heard a lot of people love to blame each other when something bad happens. I'm not saying that I never blame other for bad things happened on me. I'm a really stubborn person (I hope next year this stubbornness gone from me forever). And I asked my self, when will this blaming each other stop?

It depends on each individual actually. When something bad happened on me, I tried to think that it's not someone's fault. Shit happens. That's all. If I keep trying look for whose fault it is, then the problem would never be solved. And blaming myself isn't helpful too after all. When I'm having problem, the first thing I need to do is find the solution. And evaluate myself. Think why it happens. If it's clear that I did a mistake, then I should apologize. If it's clearly someone's mistake, and he/she didn't apologize for it, don't blame him/her straight away but try to speak to him/her for the helpful solution. It takes a lot of patience for not blaming someone.

When will people be tired of blaming each other? 

Stop blaming is a part of being mature.

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  1. true. i think it's just in human's nature. to look for something (or someone) else to blame so we can still feel like we're in our comfort zone. i learned about that a lot. one thing that one of my friend has taught me well is that when you make mistake chin up, apologize but don't get drawn in it. chin up, get up and redeem your self by doing the best you can.