Hi! I'm Winny, the founder and author of Mooi. Mooi is a place for me to share beautiful and lovable things in my life. I'm a half Manadonese, a quarter Javanese, and a quarter Dutch. When I'm in Java, people don't think I'm a Javanese, but when I'm in Manado, people don't think I'm a Manadonese either. So, I'd rather called my self as a Indonesian when people asked me where I come from. Currently I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. But my hometown is Surabaya.

When I'm not too busy, you can find me writing posts for Mooi, or create custom portrait illustrations, tweaking CSS for blogs / websites, or making handlettering typography. 

I'm working as government staff at Ministry of Finance, and I'm also Co-Founder of The It Girl.

You can read more about me here.