November 3, 2013

Current Fave Songs


This November, I found a great song when I watched Pretty Little Liars Season 4. I'm kinda obsessed with that series even sometimes I had dreams about  Pretty Little Liars. A great song I found was Meiko's single, Bad Things. Then I started looking for her other songs. And I came up with her album, The Bright Side. Her songs are easy-listening and sometimes calming my mood. A great company when I'm doing my works.

Inside The Bright Side (2012):

1. Stuck On You
2. I'm In Love
3. When the Doors Closed
4. Thinking Too Much
5. Leave the Lights On
6. Lie To Me
7. I'm Not Sorry
8. Let It Go
9. Real Real Sweet
10. Good Looking Loser
11. I Wonder
12. Saddest Song In the World (Bonus)


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