September 30, 2013

Goodbye September 2013!

Today's the last day of September 2013 and I'm so excited to see how I've been doing on September. There are so many lessons learned, like, I finally do a new blog routine. Even though there's been a lot through my mind on September, I just feel blessed with everything He gave to me. New projects, so much lessons learned, and everything.

I've posted some simple tutorials about blogging, inspirations, moodboards, and everything I would like to share! :) If you missed what I've posted on September, here are the list of my postings you can read:

Free Textures
Moodboard #1
Moodboard // Summer

How to use clipping mask on photoshop
Remove Navbar on Blogger

Fonts I've Used #1
Fonts I've Used #2
I Know I'm not Fat But I Have that I Need to Lose 
Favorite Google Fonts
Fonts I've Used #3

Color Mood: Kenzo
Workspace Ideas

Lesson learned: Creating Boundaries is an Important Thing! 
My Beauty Essentials

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