February 13, 2016

New Beauty Purchases

Happy Saturday people! I never post about beauty before, but now I would like to share some of my new beauty purchases. I bought some new products since I'm starting to love strobing technique, to add glowing look. So, I purchased:

1.  Mary Lou Manizer. I really love this product. This product will make your face glowing without looking oily or disco ball.

2. Mac Strobe Cream. Super pricey, but I think it's worth it. I use this as a base to boost your inner glow.

3. Bourjois compact powder. Pretty mattifying, for daily use.

4. Real techniques core brushes. I love this brushes so much. It has soft bristles and make your makeup application look like a pro. I'm not exaggerating but that's the fact. I purchased it on Luxola.co.id (but now is sephora.co.id)

5. Make over lip palette. I left my favorite lipstick at home in Surabaya, so I purchased this beautifully colored lip palette.

So, do you have any new purchases? Let me know!

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