February 3, 2014

Lesson Learned // Why I Blog

This post came up when one of my friends asked me why I blog, is it because I have nothing to do? She thought that blogging is for everyone who has little things to do so they blog. I'm not mad with her statement but it was like a stereotype to all bloggers. She's a gamer, and I was a gamer too, and I think playing game isn't more fun and beneficial than blogging. Well, sometimes blogging takes time a lot and it's fun. And blogging is like my new hobby besides drawing and painting.  So, why do I blog?

I blog because…
I want to share things that I love or inspire me to other people. I blog because I was inspired by awesome bloggers who share their stuffs and experiences. So, why not I create one?

I blog because…
I want to make new friends with everyone. Seeing new things and perspectives from what bloggers share on their blog posts. And also learning new things, like trying someone's recipes, trying a lot of DIYs, and other stuff.

I blog because…
I want to express my thoughts and opinions the way I want to be. And blogging is a good way to say it or to be heard.

I blog because…
I want to practice my writing skills. I am a really bad writer. And by doing this blogging things, I feel like my writing skills is improving. Not only writing skills, but other skills too! Blogging helps me to stay creative.

I blog because…
Blogging helps me to keep up to date on some things I like. I love art things, and reading other blogs always keeps me to be inspired.

Blogging is a really great activity. The main reason for blogging is to be noticed by anyone else in this world. You can learn many things from blogging if you read the experts, the popular blogs. Blogging helps you and other people indirectly. So, why not blogging? And I would like to know why you blog! xoxo


  1. I don't think non-bloggers fully understand the blogging world! I used to try to explain what I do with my friends, but then I just stopped because they weren't really getting it haha!
    The blogging world is so awesome to be a part of!

    1. Yeah me too! I felt the same way when I tried to explain to my friends about blogging. Have you ever think why you are blogging Chloe? :)

  2. i love how you're pointing out that your blog is basically a creative outlet where you can express yourself freely and in new, creative ways. people with so much interests (as you seem to do) can't help but have a blog. you spoke well for bloggers out there. great post :)

  3. Aaaahh so true! Through blogging we learn to write, we have space to express our creativity, and we have chance to connect to other people with the same interest :)
    I've written a post about reasons to blog, too: Why Blog If Instagram Is Easier